Work in Progress

Book #2 is in the works!  A prologue and three chapters have been written so far.  Here's a little glimpse into the next installment in the Republic of Texas series.

The only things Jo Camden has left in life are a tiny creek-side cottage, her father's blacksmithing tools, a horse, and burning hatred for the stepfather who ruined her life.  

Cullen Miles needs a respite from the fast life in the city, and jumps at the chance to buy a smithy in the town of Coleville.  Thinking it would be the perfect asset to his farrier business, he never imagined this venture would drop an explosive former owner-turned-employee in his lap.

Sparks fly as Jo and Cullen forge their relationship, both professional and personal.  When the forgotten rumors of buried treasure resurface, and tragedy strikes the town, their faith in one another and in God is taken to the breaking point.

In this next book of the series, we'll get some insight into the trade relationship between Texas and Socialist America.  The book also explores the overall theme of forgiveness.  I'll keep you posted!


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