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Five Questions with ... ALICIA ROQUE RUGGIERI

This Five Questions interview features Alicia Roque Ruggieri, author of the novel The House of Mercy.  I met Alicia online in a Goodreads group, and was struck by her fervent and sincere Christian faith.

I asked Alicia to tell us a little about herself.  Here's what she had to say:

"Born and raised on the New England coast, I grew up breathing in the salt air, pretending I stood on the balcony of Cair Paravel. The youngest of three sisters, I’m married to a fun and furry Italian-Frenchman, and I’m also the mother of a second-hand pug with more physical and emotional problems than I have fingers!

I love playing hymns and classical pieces on the piano (quite badly, I’m afraid!), sewing by hand, baking, and walks through the woods and on the beach. My two nieces and two nephews have captured my heart, and so I relish spending time with them as well.
I graduated from Rhode Island College (B.A. in Mass Media Communications and History) and have had the privilege of attending privat…