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The Wonder of it All

Hi friends and fans,

Wow! I am probably the most negligent writer of blog posts in the literary world. I wanted to post an update of sorts.

Early in the fall, I accepted God's call to write the program for our church's annual Ladies Christmas Tea. I had originally declined the responsibility, knowing how busy my life was at the time. I said I would help with all the printed materials, in design and execution, and would handle promotion and bulletin announcements (another ministry within the church that I do weekly is the bulletin design and printing). Writing the program was another stress I didn't want to add to my life at the time, especially when dealing with a massive writer's block in the road of my third novel.

Instead, people began to bring me ideas and songs inspirations for the program. Rather than saying flat out I wouldn't write it, I began to pray and see if it was what God wanted me to do. People, that's a hard thing to do. Saying "yes" t…

While I Work ...

... I wanted to leave a bit of poetry I wrote two years ago. I'm diligently gnawing on Book #3, and it is giving me headaches. I just think if Satan is throwing up all these roadblocks, then God must have great things in store for the third installment in the Republic series.  Until then, enjoy this.

Summer is a Memory
Summer is grass scratching the soles of my feet as I fly down the hill to the tree swing. It’s dipping my toes in Papa Jim’s swimming pool and watching the water bugs skate across the green water, the sun bleaching my hair and browning my skin as watermelon juice slides down my chin, my sister and my cousins’ laughter drowning out Material Girl on the radio.
Summer is an umbrella in hand and water beneath my feet as I splash and stomp in puddles in the pockmarked road. It’s the wind in my hair and my hands in the air as I ride my bicycle to the store just down from Nana’s house, then coming back and laying on blistering concrete with candy cigarettes hanging out of m…

My Writing Assistant

Tonight, in the middle of chapter 1 of the new book, my esteemed writing assistant decided to hop on over and give me some support.  I think I may have to work a rabbit into this next installment.

What do you think?

Oh, yeah.  That's Napoleon, and he's a French Angora.

Mercy Springs will be FREE


Now Available

Hello Friends!

A Reckoning of Fire is now available for purchase on Amazon, both for Kindle and in paperback.  Pick up your copy today!

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First Draft ... DONE!

Hear ye, hear ye!  The first draft of "A Reckoning of Fire" is finished!  The second book in the Republic of Texas series will be released in March.  I have been hard at work telling Jo and Cullen's story in this next installment.  Now I get to focus my writing on fine-tuning their tale, and making it the best it can be.  Bear with me for just a few more weeks.  I promise, it will be worth the wait!