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Journey by Jennifer Osufsen (An Easter Poem)

by Jennifer Osufsen
I meandered through the gray,
another shadow in a forest of forlorn shades.
Black thorns snagged at my withered rags
and I stumbled, snared on rocks underfoot.
Thus I traveled, weary and battered,
a faceless specter in a writhing mass of sameness.
From the midst of the mass
a voice said a word.
It felt vaguely familiar, magnetic,
as though the word lived inside me,
and I around it.
Yet I shook my head, tossing free the irritant,
continuing to stumble and rise.
Then off to the right, the leaden sky brightened,
a dab of white shoved aside the steel.
From this white, the voice called once more,
and my heart beat this word:
The voice knew my name.
It called from the shadows,
drawing me toward the white.
It was light!
How marvelous, and strange.
So gazing around me at those struggling with me,
I departed from the path.
The voice shouted my Name,
and I began to run.
Fear fled as I approached the light,
my road leading straight to it.
Then sudde…

Who is the Captain of Your Ship?

God asked me a question today: Am I the Captain of your ship?

"Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take." Proverbs 3:6

We are all afloat in troubled waters. Our journeys differ, but the destination remains the same for us all: The Choice. At the end of our life, our quest upon the seas, we arrive at the port of eternity - with God, or without Him.

Many have chosen His Way, and it is to you that I write today. You have made God your Lord, but have you allowed Him to captain your ship?

The world's oceans run deep and dark, filled with immeasurable joy and fathomless pain. Without God at the helm to decide our headings, we float adrift. The wind grabs our sails and says, "Go this way." It's often too late that we realize the coaxing winds are tossing us into the hurricane. We desperately need a Captain to guide the way, to say No to the sinful winds and the storms of the self-righteous.

The world tells us to set our own course, to al…