A Little Background

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At first glance, my readers may think I write historical fiction.  Quite the opposite, actually.

The Republic of Texas series is set in a slightly dystopic future, taking place at the end of this century.

In the middle of this century, the United States suffered an economic disintegration, known throughout the world as The Collapse.  Chaos and anarchy dominated the land for nearly a decade.  During this time, entire families were wiped out, and it was a daily struggle to survive.

It was during this time that the people had no choice but to revert to a more primitive way of life.  No infrastructure meant the loss of every day necessities like power grids and a steady water supply.  Smart survivors embraced the simplicity of previous centuries.  Horse travel reappeared, and farming became a way of life.  Barter systems replaced paper currency, and precious metals such as silver and gold reemerged in trade.  However, modern knowledge didn't die.  Engineers perfected solar energy collection and storage, and utilized other energy models, including wind and steam.

In the year 2050, the former United States reestablished itself as Unified Socialist America.  Within two years the disgruntled citizens of Texas voted to withdraw from the U.S.A., but it was not a bloodless event.  The Second War of Secession ensued, and on October 31, 2054 the Republic of Texas became an independent nation once again.  Once the dust settled and the two countries were founded, efforts slowly focused on rebuilding and improving.  Modern technology that was once completely eradicated revived, and improved.  The citizens, however, remained wary.  And, so, the more primitive way of life that had insured the people's survival became integrated into modern practices.

Mercy Springs and the other upcoming Republic of Texas books take place in this setting, fifty years after the Republic was reborn.  Modern technology exists hand-in-hand with primitive living, blending seamlessly.

Think Old West meets the 21st century with a twist.  Enjoy!


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