Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

All right, here we go.

1.  I have easily read more than 5,000 books in my life so far.  That's based on an average calculation I did.

2.  I speak Spanish.  But not as well as I did 13 years ago.

3.  I can't stand crooked pictures on walls, and will straighten them no matter where I am.  Even in your house.

4.  There is always, always, always a song in my head.  Seventy-five percent of the time, it's a song I hate and only know one or two lines.

5.  I look for patterns in numbers and words.  I also read words backwards, just to see if it spells something else.

6.  I am an extreme introvert, but I'm not shy at all.  After a two hour party, I'll usually come home and fall into a coma.

7.  Every single towel in my house is folded the exact same way.

8.  I wash about 17-20 loads of laundry per week.  Hey, five kids.

9.  I have an obsession with rulers, yardsticks and tape measures.

10.  And last, but not least ... a confession that I probably shouldn't make.  I have never read Jane Austen.


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