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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

All right, here we go.

1.  I have easily read more than 5,000 books in my life so far.  That's based on an average calculation I did.

2.  I speak Spanish.  But not as well as I did 13 years ago.

3.  I can't stand crooked pictures on walls, and will straighten them no matter where I am.  Even in your house.

4.  There is always, always, always a song in my head.  Seventy-five percent of the time, it's a song I hate and only know one or two lines.

5.  I look for patterns in numbers and words.  I also read words backwards, just to see if it spells something else.

6.  I am an extreme introvert, but I'm not shy at all.  After a two hour party, I'll usually come home and fall into a coma.

7.  Every single towel in my house is folded the exact same way.

8.  I wash about 17-20 loads of laundry per week.  Hey, five kids.

9.  I have an obsession with rulers, yardsticks and tape measures.

10.  And last, but not least ... a confession that I probably shouldn't make.  I hav…

A Little Background

At first glance, my readers may think I write historical fiction.  Quite the opposite, actually.

The Republic of Texas series is set in a slightly dystopic future, taking place at the end of this century.

In the middle of this century, the United States suffered an economic disintegration, known throughout the world as The Collapse.  Chaos and anarchy dominated the land for nearly a decade.  During this time, entire families were wiped out, and it was a daily struggle to survive.

It was during this time that the people had no choice but to revert to a more primitive way of life.  No infrastructure meant the loss of every day necessities like power grids and a steady water supply.  Smart survivors embraced the simplicity of previous centuries.  Horse travel reappeared, and farming became a way of life.  Barter systems replaced paper currency, and precious metals such as silver and gold reemerged in trade.  However, modern knowledge didn't die.  Engineers perfected solar energy col…

Coming Soon: Mercy Springs, A Republic of Texas Novel

Here's a sneak peek at the back copy of my new (and first) novel.

In the wake of the economic disaster known as The Collapse, two countries rise from the ashes of the former United States:  Unified Socialist America and The Republic of Texas. 
A NEW HOME After personal and professional tragedy, physician midwife Cora Thomas flees the Missouri District of America, seeking asylum and safety in the idyllic Texas town of Cotton Springs.  She hopes the quaint community is a new beginning, a place to heal and plant roots.
A home where she is not an underground Christian living in fear for her life.
TIME FOR HEALING A logging accident leaves Cotton Springs’ prodigal son, Ben Tucker, in the care of the feisty new red-headed doctor.  The attraction is undeniable and unexpected.  But his rejection of God’s existence and Cora’s unshakable faith collide, leaving him with more questions than answers.  And a heart desperately in need of healing.