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Kindle Sale, November 7-14

This would be an excellent time to pick up the first two installments of the Republic series, if you don't have them already!

Coming soon ...

Book 3 of the Republic of Texas series will be coming to Amazon in November 2016. Here's a sneak peek:

    Deputy Jimmy Wilson enters a downtown Austin coffee shop in search of stout caffeine, and finds himself more captivated with the raven-haired barista than with the double espresso warming his hands. Her sassy wit and easy smile dart straight to his heart, awakening him more than a cup of joe ever could.
    Elise Gomez breaks her own rule – never date a customer – when she agrees to go to dinner with the cute lawman with the mile-long drawl. Something about his smile and crooked grin tugs at the hidden part of her she thought long dead. Maybe if she had known it was a wedding rehearsal dinner for the President’s son, Elise would not have ditched him in the middle of the salad course. She suddenly finds herself on the run, again, fleeing those in power who would expose her sordid past. 

    Six months later, Jimmy cannot get her…