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On Being Pruned

I find it incredibly painful to be pruned.  To work so hard in my faith, to grow and produce fruit that will please my Father, only to experience something that knocks me off my feet.  I have to think that's what Jesus meant in John 15:1-2. 
"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.  He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful."
As a follower of Jesus, my King of Kings, I continually strive to remain close to Him in all things.  And, of course, I fail miserably because I'm still a sinful and willfully disobedient child.  But for the most part I attempt to live my life in a way that is pleasing to God, and will somehow further His kingdom.
Many times, during trials in my life, I find myself asking God why this is happening to me.  What have I done to deserve this?  Haven't I been good and faithful?  (I promise, this is the part where God reminds me that my r…

Five Questions with ... JAYNA MORROW

In what I hope to become a continued feature on my blog, I'm interviewing fellow authors (both indie and traditionally published) with the purpose of getting to know them better and branch out this writing and reading tree.  Today we get to meet ...

Jayna Morrow.

Jayna and I share a lot in common, the least of which is writing.  She is a mother of two precious little girls, and an educator of young minds.  We both hail from east Texas and share a love of the simple life.  I have enjoyed reading her Sweet Home, Texas series, an inspirational sweet romance set in the fictional town of Sweet Home.

Professionally speaking, Jayna continues to make a name for herself.  As I mentioned before, she is the author of the Sweet Home, Texas series of books published by Prism Book Group.  She has also written numerous sweet contemporary and inspirational romances, contributed a short read to a Prism Book Group author compilation (A Blizzard Wedding), created several resources for writers, wri…

Work in Progress

Book #2 is in the works!  A prologue and three chapters have been written so far.  Here's a little glimpse into the next installment in the Republic of Texas series.

The only things Jo Camden has left in life are a tiny creek-side cottage, her father's blacksmithing tools, a horse, and burning hatred for the stepfather who ruined her life.  

Cullen Miles needs a respite from the fast life in the city, and jumps at the chance to buy a smithy in the town of Coleville.  Thinking it would be the perfect asset to his farrier business, he never imagined this venture would drop an explosive former owner-turned-employee in his lap.

Sparks fly as Jo and Cullen forge their relationship, both professional and personal.  When the forgotten rumors of buried treasure resurface, and tragedy strikes the town, their faith in one another and in God is taken to the breaking point.

In this next book of the series, we'll get some insight into the trade relationship between Texas and Socialist Am…

Author Spotlight, Debra Haagen

Today I'd like to spotlight another author, Debra Haagen.  She has written a book entitled "Amazing Animals by Design".

John, Sarah and their parents take a trip to the zoo, and are amazed and fascinated with the animals.  Their parents and the tour guide help to explain how each animal was designed to live the way they do.

This book is a great tool for teaching children about intelligent design:  God's perfect design in nature to allow animals to live and thrive in their environment.  I highly recommend it.

Here's the link (not an affiliate link) to Debra's Amazon listing.  Pick up your copy today!

MERCY SPRINGS is Now Available!

Howdy fans!  My first novel is now available to purchase online!  Here are some helpful links to help you purchase them.

In print, you can purchase through my eStore by following this link:

Mercy Springs, print edition.  Retail price $14.95

For Amazon Kindle, you can click the link below.

Mercy Springs, Kindle edition.  Retail price $4.99

The book will be available in print through Amazon in 3-5 days, and I will post an update with a link to that when it becomes available.  Don't forget to leave a review on Amazon.  Happy reading!